A minimal blogging website.

Hello friends, Collin here. I've had this feeling for a while that social media kind of sucks right now. The web isn't as fun as it used to be. There's no reason it can't be fun again though. Remember blogs? Those were cool, right?

The thing is, most of the people who want to help you start a blog are also trying to help you setup an online store or homepage for your business or whatever. It's great that those things are easier to do now, but it does mean that even the simple blog sites are kind of complicated. What about something way more simple? Just you, your words, and an easy way to share them.

So, Linefeed is that: a blogging website where the main feature is no features, or at least as few as possible. If you're looking for detailed analytics and customization, there's every other site out there, but if you just want to write and share, Linefeed is for you.